Jack Gets a Bath


Flagstaff and Northern Arizona has a wonderful abundance of wildlife. Our Jack gets very excited when he encounters anything around our property–from a bug to an elk, everyone is his new friend. As a dog owner, we're sure you can imagine what he would do when a skunk comes for a visit.

This is the first reason that we installed this beautiful dog bath in our garage. We know that day will come (and likely it'll be at night!) that Jack will make friends with a skunk. And he'll make it known by his new perfume! Fortunately we can now bathe Jack in the confines of the garage, never having to bring that lingering skunk smell into our home.

Take a look at our installation process for Jack's new bath:


Does your back hurt after bathing your pooch? There will be no need to visit your chiropractor after bathing your dog again. Your dog bath can be installed at the proper height specifically for you. There will be no need to bend and contort your body to wash your pup from her head to her toes!


Call Your Plumber and we will come out to look over your available space. We'll work with you to determine the best place to install your pup's new bath, and explore the pros & cons of the different types of tubs and fixtures available. Once we know your needs, we can provide an approximate cost for your dog’s bath that day – guaranteed not exceed your budget.